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Action For Creativity: Abundantly Affable April 2021

Let's take the time to marvel at the wonders in nature. The secret coves, historic hillforts, ancient forests and tranquil lochs are all waiting to be discovered and inspire. Whether you're exploring parks, forests or gardens, how about making art with things found in nature. Ever tried your hand making nature portraits?

Action For Creativity: Marvellous March 2021

This month we explore our human ingenuity. Consider the man-made wonders of ancient times and the legends that still are told today, right up to the present. We celebrate the ingenuity in our ability to harness our environment.

Action For Creativity: Friendly February 2021

In this Valentine month, remember to show and share with someone just how much you care. Loving isn't only about someone special, consider your neighbour who lives alone; someone struggling with their health; or even showing Mother Earth some love. Check out our plethora of activities to help keep you occupied.

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